Saturday, September 5, 2009

'Overheard' Review

This is one of the inspirational Hong Kong movies I would say in the year of 2009. First of most, besides its cast, the main attraction of the movie to me is its producer, Derek Yee. I almost do not miss any movies directed by him. In addition, the directors of this movie are those two (Felix Chong and Alan Mak) who directed the ‘internal affairs’. But, frankly speaking, the ‘internal affairs’ first series is still the best out of the three series. Detective kind of plot is always their strength, even though they did stumble to create something out of the box. Indeed, I would say they have done a good job this time round. The story line is still something fresh to most of viewers though it was said to have some similarities with another old western film. (opps, I forget its name)

The plot has been well-planned to focus on three cops (Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu) who get involved in a case of corruption cover-up. Louis Koo and Daniel Wu happened to get a little stock info when bugging a dodgy listed company. Due to their current condition of dying more money for their family and marriage respectively, they have finally persuaded Lau Ching Wan so as not to expose their corruptive act. Indeed, he is the one who helped both of them resolving the successive incidents before all three of them realize that they have been driven deeply into a no return fault. The moral of the story is that it doesn't pay to live a lie, even a little one for just one time, because you will have to lie again to keep things fine.

The movie pace is just fine as one might smile at the happy scenes at times before tears down on cheek seeing the miseries happened on the three main actors next. It is nail-biting in the process to find out what they have to encounter at last. A round of applause should go to the overall cast lineup, especially Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo. It is definitely nothing much to critic on the once again matured performance given out by Lau Ching Wan. He is really an acting freak. I wouldn’t resist but to praise Louis Koo’s performance as he has played his role so well that almost blow my heart away. Bravo!

“Overheard” is easily one of my favourites in 2009. It has leaved a great impact without much violence and fancy technologies or actions. Its somber tone has actually made me trapped in a tension mood in a few days after watching how desires of human beings can lead to a night-mare. Don’t miss it if you are a fan of detective story.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Old Times, Good Memories

“Where are you my missing puzzle? I'm lighting up the route so you know where to find the way home. Where are you my missing piece? Where are you my lovely son?”

The abandoned old man is awaiting his beloved son at the same old spot to pick him up and fill up his missing “puzzle”. His memory is depicted as a piece of puzzle whereby his memory about his son has started to peel off and indeed missing in space. He is longing his son presence and bring back all the sweet bitter time they spent together in the olden days.

Please go home for you parents, if you can.

This description was written for poster competition held by 2nd college. The very last sentence is quoted from one of my favourite Petronas Chinese New Year advertisements which was directed by our charming Yasmin Ahmad. It is such a big loss to Malaysia filming industry when she left us, leaving us with loving memory. Rest peace, Yasmin.

For Yasmin fans, her last production short film ‘chocolate’ has been released and you guys can enjoy it via